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  • Magento 2 backup script for developer
    Magento 2 developer usually require taking backup of live environment and setup on local or creating staging environment. We need to take backup of Database, App folder and composer.json minimal. We can add media and other assets for full fledged setup. I created a simple script to create backup of these two folder after reading env.php file.
  • How to do Magento 2 performance optimization ?
    Magento 2 is pretty complex application. If you not configured it correctly you will found it very slow. To do performance optimization, I am adding some pointers here as follow. Font Optimization Image optimization and lazy loading CSS optimization JavaScript optimization Caching techniques Server optimization Latest version of everything Light Weight theme Production mode Database optimization Code optimization Disable non required module Latest protocol http2 Using Facade pattern for chat loader
  • Magento 2.x – Cannot process definition to array for type tinytext
    I faced issue while setup:upgrade in magento 2 instance. I fixed this issue in three steps as below. Step 1: I open this file : /vendor/magento/framework/Setup/Declaration/Schema/Db/DefinitionAggregator.php Find this function and replace code: Step 2 : Run setup upgrade and you will find out column name and it’s details. Now login in to mysql console and replace invoiceNumber by column which we found in last step. You will get all table information. Step 3: Now update that column using below command. …

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  • Remove magento 2 redundant modules
    Remove magento 2 redundant modules using best techniques and as per standards
  • Font optimization an avoid invisible text
    Magento 2 font optimization techniques.