Magento 2 real certification questions

How do you make MyCompany/MyModuleLogger the default implementation of the LoggerInterface globally?

You are implementing a custom module MyModule, which provides an implementation of PsrLogLoggerInterface called MyCompany/MyModuleLogger. The LoggerInterface has the default preference declared in app/etc/di.xml. Keeping upgradability in mind

A. Declare a new preference for the LoggerInterface in app/code/MyCompany/MyModule/etc/frontend/di.xml
B. Declare a new preference for the LoggerInterface in MyCompany/MyModule/etc/di.xml
C. Overwrite the existing preference for the LoggerInterface in app/etc/di.xml
D. Declare a new preference for the LoggerInterface in app/code/MyCompany/MyModule/etc/global/di.xml

Explanation : To override class functionality we do it in our module and add preference in di.xml

How will they be displayed?

There are two different configurable products which both share one variation. The shared variation is represented by the same simple product. A customer added both configurable to the cart with the same selected variation?

A. As two separate line items with quantity 1 each
B. As one line item which lists both configurable products with quantity 1 each
C. As one line item of the first product with quantity 2
D. As one line item of the second product with quantity 2

What is the result of specifying resource=”Magento_Catalog::catalog”?

You are adding an entry to the backend menu. To do so you open a core etc/adminhtml/menu.xml file as a reference. In the file you see the node:

A. The menu item will only be visible to users who are assigned to a role with access to the matching ACL resource
B. The menu item will only be visible if the class method specified by the resource returns a true value
C. The last selected menu item for a user is stored in the DB so the previously visited page can be restored on the next login D. The resource is used to locate the correct translation for the attributes listed in title=”…”

What is the difference between online and offline shipping methods?

A. Online means that a shipment will have a tracking number, and offline means no tracking numbers are available
B. Online means Magento will use a shipping carrier’s API to obtain rates, offline means Magento will calculate the rates internally
C. Online means that an item’s shipping will be processed by the merchant, offline means that it will be processed by the customer
D. Online means that it will be sent to the customer using a shipping carrier, offline means the customer will pick up the order in person

What two actions do you take to configure the new menu entry location?(Choose two.)

You are adding a new entry to the backend menu that appears after Marketing > SEO & Search > Site Map You see the existing site map menu item is declared by the node:

A. Specify item XML in the file etc/adminhtml/menu/marketing/seo/menu.xml
B. Specify parent=”Magento_Sitemap::catalog_sitemap”
C. Specify parent=”Magento_Backend::marketing_seo”
D. Specify sortOrder=”100″

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What is the minimal amount of simple products that represent a combination of color and size needs to be created in order to make a shoe salable?

A merchant sells shoes with multiple variations such as a color and size. A shoe is represented by a configurable product. There are seven different colors and four sizes.

A. Each color and size must have at least one representation, so a minimum of seven products is needed
B. One simple product that represents a combination of color and size is enough
C. A product may be purchased even without any combination available. The color and size may be adjusted during order fulfillment
D. A simple product for every combination must be created

How do you organize the project to support this requirement?

You are working on a Magento store which will be selling in two countries. Each country has its own set of payment methods.
How do you organize the project to support this requirement?

A. Create one website, two payment scopes
B. Create one website, one store view
C. Create one website, two store views
D. Create two websites, two store views