Magento 2 real certification questions

How is this one?

Products may be accessed using SEO friendly URLs like /my-product instead of /catalog/product/view/id/{ID}

A. An event observer adds RewriteRules to .htaccess on product save
B. MagentoCatalogControllerProductView::loadByUrlKey loads product pages using the url_key attribute value
C. Using a URL Rewrite stored in the database connecting the request path with the target path
D. A plugin on MagentoUrlRewriteControllerRouter::match loads products by the url_key attribute

Which two actions do you take to make sure the newsletter is sent ?

A module you are working on needs to send a newsletter to all subscribed customers at predefined intervals in magento 2.

A. Implement MyCompanyMyModuleCronNewsLetterSender::execute and register it in etc/crontab/di.xml
B. Implement MyCompanyMyModuleCronNewsLetterSender::execute and register it in etc/crontab.xml
C. Make sure bin/magento cron:run is added to the system crontab
D. Register the plugin for MagentoCustomerModelCustomer::authenticate in etc/crontab.xml

Explanation: To send newsletter at predefined interval, system cron should be working and this module should have cron registered in magento 2. For more you can check here

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Where does customer email saved ?

In which table customer email saved ?

A. customer_entity
B. custom_varchar
C. customer_entity_text
D. customer_email

Explanation : Customer is a EAV entity in magento 2. But email is unique and most important information and consider as part of entity.Hence it is saved in customer_email.

It was asked in magento 2 certification.

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Magento 2 allow how many shipping address per completed order ?

How many shipping addresses per completed order allowed in magento 2 ?

A. One shipping address per line item is possible
B. Only one shipping address per order is possible
C. One shipping address per unit of quantity is possible
D. One shipping address per product type is possible

Explanation : Magento 2 by default allow only one shipping address per completed order, even in multiple-shipping case, there will be multiple order completed as per shipping method. You can enable magento 2 multi-shipping from here and test it on staging instance.

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